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UV Tanning

In addition to excellent customer service and cleanliness Summit Beach Tanning in Fontana, CA has carefully chosen equipment renowned for both comfort and performance. Bed performance, size and comfort begin at a level where most tanning salons charge for second and even third levels. Multiple levels of tanning are offered including high pressure with air conditioning and aroma therapy, sunless spray or UV-free, stand-up, and a variety of other options. Some with inviting features such as facial lamps, shoulder tanning, aroma therapy and thermal controls.

Ultrasun Turbo 25000 High Pressure Tanning Bed

Ultrasun TurboPower 25000 S
High pressure canopy, air conditioning and shoulder tanning lamps. World renowned hybrid bed design.


Ultrasun SunBreeze 5000/3 Magnum S
52 total lamps including 3 adjustable high pressure facial lamps and 6 shoulder lamps with air conditioning.


Ultrasun SunBurst 4500 XXL
Beautifully designed comfort with 40 high output lamps, turbine body cooling and client controls.


Ultrasun SunBurst 4000
Comfortable, oversized bed design with 38 lamps and integrated body cooling.

Ultrasun PowerTower 8000
Spacious, 48 lamp design. The premium lamps are 200 watts each and 2 meters in length for excellent coverage and color. Turbo body cooling and client controls maintain comfort.