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    Thank you for choosing Summit Beach Tanning salon for your tanning experience. We are committed to providing every one of our clients with superior service, tanning equipment, and most importantly, results.

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    Cocoon Wellness Pod

    The Cocoon Wellness Pod is the ultimate in relaxation and conditioning with infrared, heat and massage all at the control of your fingertips.

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    High Performance European Tanning

    Multiple levels of tanning are offered including high pressure with air conditioning, stand-up, and a variety of other options.

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    The Best Sunless/Spray Tanning

    Proudly using VersaPro®. Come indulge yourself with four levels the best color in the industry as well as skin preparation treatment, clear or bronzer solution and even a skin moisturizing treatment option. Treatments for face only, legs only and even "double-dark."

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    Offering the highest quality products for general skin care such as moisturizers and body washes as well as the best in indoor tanning accelerators, bronzers and accessories.

Summit Beach Tanning is the premier tanning salon destination in the Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga Area.

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UV Tanning

We have some of the finest tanning equipment in the world. Designed and manfactured in Europe. High pressure for more information.

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Sunless/Spray Tanning VersaPro

The Versaspa Pro is widely considered the very best in sunless tanning and skin care treatment. Four treatments including skin pH prep, bronzer solution, clear solution as well as a moisturizing treatment.

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Cocoon Wellness Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is a user-controlled infrared therapy, heated dry sauna and massage experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.

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Client Testimonials from Yelp (we can't make this good stuff up!)

Love this place! All the girls that work there are extremely professional and super nice. Staff is super knowledgable too. When I went in for the first time, I got a walk through of all the different beds. After, we talked about prices and I never once felt pressured into buying anything. As a matter a fact, she was trying to help me figure out what would be the cheapest for me. I got lvl 1 bed only because I tan really easy. I've been there four times already and I'm super tan! They are a little expensive....but it's the closest tanning salon you will find around here. Also- they are super clean!!! Def worth buying!!

Mitzy C. on May 26, 2016 - Thank you Mitzi!!!

This is my favorite tanning salon by far. I have been going here for years and the owner is amazing. She works with you and will you give you options. They always have great deals going on. The staff is super friendly and nice. If you are looking for a good tanning salon, this is it!

Katya S. on August 12, 2016 - Thank you Katya!!!

First impressions are my deciding factor on whether to commit to a business. Summit Tan makes an incredible one. The owner is extremely patient, knowledge and detailed in her responses. The products aren't pushed like most salons, I truly felt she was more concerned with my happiness than up selling. The lobby was clean, fresh and provided a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of seating. The room was up kept, a great temperature, trash can was empty and the towels were thick and not stained. Versa spa pro- I'm a versa fanatic! If you're going to spray versa is the only way to go. It's warm, heated dry, audio enabled and spacious! The verbal commands make it a smooth process. I highly recommend adding the moisturizer pass to your tan. The product they use is not as dewy as others I've experienced. I was completely dry to the touch within 10mins.

Amanda J. on February 25, 2016 - Thank you Amanda!!!

I came to this salon consistently for about 3 years, I only stopped due to my pregnancy, and now unfortunately I just cant find the time (with a newborn) Staff is AMAZING very nice, welcoming and knowledgeable. The owner is always available for questions / concerns, beds are always clean and bathrooms smell amazing lol I've been to lots of tanning salons where the staff seems stuck up or too busy to help you, it is the complete opposite here.. Everyone is friendly and humble. I definitely recommend Summit Beach, wish I had the time to go tanning still!

Kristi L. June 9, 2016 - Thank you Kristi!!!

I've been coming to this salon off and on since it first opened. The reason I don't come here consistently is because I'm naturally already tan. However, I do like to come every now and then when I get tan lines from being outdoors. This tanning salon is beautiful and smells wonderful. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by whoever is at the front desk. The customer service is exceptional. They don't try to push any membership with them. You have the ability to pay for individual sessions or you have the option of selecting many of their various package offers. They also offer plenty of tanning creams in the big bottles which are super cute or the little packs of lotion if you want to sample them first. The salon also offers stickers to use while tanning which are complimentary. At this salon, they have the stand up tanning beds, the lay down tanning beds and even offer the spray tanning. I've done all 3 but prefer the stand up bed to avoid any lines or steaks. The bathroom is super clean and even smells great! I wish I knew what air freshener they use so I can use it at home. Overall, I love this tanning salon and would recommend it to anyone looking to tan. Alejandra R. on March 13, 2015 - Thank you Alejandra!!!